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How will the Interstate Traveler Company help?

  1. Do you need additional electricity in your State?
  2. Do you want to move your State to a hydrogen economy?
  3. Do you want to create thousands of gallons of fresh water for your State on an hourly basis?
  4. Do you want the most state of the art rapid transit system for your State?
  5. Do you want to create thousands of new jobs for your State?
  6. Do you want to create revenue for your State?
  7. Do you want all of the above in an environmentally perfect package?

   If you have answered yes to any of these questions please take some time to study this website regarding the most advanced, efficient, and cost effective integration of technology for slotted linear motor MagLev high speed rapid transit rail and the production and distribution of hydrogen along the Interstate Highway in the United States.   As the Interstate Traveler Project combines a MagLev rapid transit system with solar powered hydrogen production that also provides for basic municipal infrastructure, there is no better way to maximize the use of the public right of way.

Background Research and Documentation

We have an assembled a limited bibliographic library of business case analyses regarding public transportation, energy and other technical documents that were analyzed during the formation of the Interstate Traveler Company and suite of products and product development programs.  You can access that library by clicking on the icon of a working student.

Making the Case

As with the diverse and lucid opinions of a great multitude of researchers have clearly surmised over the last 30 to 50 years that a common thread must be created that ties all of our transportation systems together.  Just in the local economy of the Great Lakes region of North America, the over whelming demand of the future population has our existing systems completely overwhelmed within twenty years.

According to Allardice, D. R., and S. Thorp. August 1995. A Changing Great Lakes Economy: Economic and Environmental Linkages. SOLEC Working Paper presented at State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference. EPA 905-R-95-017. Chicago, Ill.: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Background Paper: State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC)

By 2011, commuter trips for Metro Toronto, based on current trends, could nearly double to around 500,000 each day but this level may be impossible to achieve unless transit use is dramatically increased. The GTA already has a high level of transit use by commuters for a major metropolitan area at 25%, but much of this is concentrated in the City of Toronto where the population density is 6000 people per square kilometer (15,540 per square mile).

Examples like this are practically ubiquitous for all developing nations where population densities have grown substantially and will grow catastrophically in the next 30 - 50 years if proper infrastructure is not in place to support these generations of people yet unborn.

Semi-Public Transportation

Much like other popular forms of transportation that require reservations for travel the public transit passenger cars that ride the Interstate Traveler rail will require advanced registration before access is granted in order to maintain safety and guarantee world class personalized service.   What's more,  the Interstate Traveler requires you to register only once, and then you can ride the Traveler at any time any where...  hassle free!



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