Lark L. Samouelian - Biography

 Lark L. Samouelian has been a professional in the field of ‘communication enhancement’ for two decades and is the owner of Samouelian Communications, Inc. media consulting firm.

A career of outreach into the community through multimedia development has kept Lark’s creativity in perpetual motion. She is energized every time she is hired to spearhead a ‘team’ to pioneer the creation of a new idea and turn it into a network. “I love working with groups of people, because together, we may achieve anything.  Only in partnering do we master the successful interactive technological applications!” 

A pioneer administrator forging interactive networks to develop services for corporate, education, government and the public is the essence of Lark's history.  Her management talent has enabled projects to successfully coordinate internal staff, auxiliary department and legislative staff as well as outsourced manpower.  Lark has been fiscally responsible for all the projects; with all her builds coming in on time and significantly under budget.

Lark pioneered the creation of a tri-city cable television network for the Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission as its Executive Director.   “Having the daily public, educational and government involvement was such a privilege,” Lark emphasizes, “ I thrived upon sharing goals and dreams; all the while, using television production to its greatest potential; that being, the enrichment of peoples’ lives.”  The Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission is thriving today; all the while building an even larger facility to support the thorough communication offerings so richly deserved, for their citizens.

Appointed by Governor Engler, Lark, project managed the creation of the State of Michigan’s Government Television Network, MGTV.   She developed the Governors’ goals to  ‘open the doors to all Michigan’s’ citizenry’.   Thusly, throughout all the politics, Lark prevailed by bringing all party factions to the ‘build-planning-table’. The cable television industry distributes the signal throughout the state and administrates the day today functions. To date, MGTV is one of our nation’s most thorough coverage of a state government with a full time legislature.

Samouelian Communications Inc. was created in 1997.  The company’s 2002 marketing mission has been to energize corporate,  public, education and government new product service development.   Over the past six years, Lark has created internal corporate  training multi-media materials; and represents companies providing services such as: closed captioning, video description and voice recognition on entrepreneurial startup projects of national distribution significance.

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