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Interstate Traveler Operational Summary

 The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway is a modular maglev rail system that is laminated with solar-panels which create enough power to operate all the basic systems for transportation, communications, security, water and sewer, etc., facilitated by the large cluster of conduits contained within the central support beam of the rail.  The conduit cluster can be used for virtually any liquid and vapor based materials.  Multiple conduits will also be dedicated to fiber optic cables for communication and super conducting electrical cables for power distribution.

 The unique integration of components described above creates a self sustaining solar powered energy production and distribution system that is used to propel thousands of transport vehicles on the rail, and produce hydrogen and raw electrical energy to power traditional wheeled vehicles on the road ways, and supply hydrogen as a fuel to the growing aerospace industry in the coming decades. 

The benefits of a clustered network of conduits include flexibility to enable regional networks where the larger main conduits may be dedicated to the transport of completely different liquids or gases.   As an example, a network of Interstate Traveler Rail in a geographic region that is rich in crude oil resources can dedicate the largest conduits for the movement of crude oil from the field to the refinery.  In other areas, the larger conduits can move agricultural methane or electrolytic hydrogen into general distribution.

 The suspension system of the magnetically levitated Traveler Transports have the ability to adapt to g-forces on the fly so that the passengers will feel a greatly reduced sense of lateral movement that is felt when accelerating, decelerating and banking.   Also, the suspension system enables the optimization of aerodynamics to employ the fuselage as a wing to generate lift and reduce the energy required to levitate the Transports and increase the available power for propulsion.   The expected performance of the system should allow a full champagne flute to stand on a table virtually undisturbed during all normal operations.

 The goals and expectations for national security include transportation reliability and safety along with resilient municipal infrastructure that is not easily damaged by typical annual weather systems and earth quakes.  The Traveler meets all of these attributes, providing also a means with which to organize and optimize hundreds if not thousands of transports for emergency relief operations such as the evacuation of large districts of people in harms way from hurricanes and flood waters.

 The transportation diversity opportunity created by the Traveler Rail enables an open platform where virtually any type of transport can be devised for virtually any purpose.  Starting with public transit transports, freight transports and personal automobile transports for you in your car, there will also be mobile hospitals with a full compliment of emergency medical response services along with private and commercial transports for mobile restaurants, corporate / executive transports for business meetings, trade schools, universities, resorts, national park lands, and cathedrals of worship.  Fleet services for large public venues crafted to promote the home-team professional sports organizations will be early adopters of this system to help “Pack the House” with public transportation.

 Finally, the new national network of Traveler Stations will lay the foundation for thousands of new lease-hold franchise businesses that will serve the Travelers, provide the best public restroom facilities anywhere in the world and gainfully employ thousands of people for generations to come.

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