Here you will find our integration solution for modern air carrier and passenger airline service opportunities such as existing commercial fleet operators, traditional airlines, air-freight, executive jet and postal carriers.

As a subordinate technology to the Interstate Traveler Global Thread Navigation System, the Interstate Traveler Rail Plane is intended to operate under the control of the Interstate Traveler GTNS to provide highly reliable and safe passenger air flight systems that are manually or autonomously controlled by the GTNS system using computer generated navigation threads (Flight Threads) for all aircraft.

By this process, it can be expected that many thousands of vehicles will be able to safely fly any where in the world with reasonable assurance that airborne collision will be virtually impossible.

By the integration of vertical take off and land VTOL flight systems (VTOL), the Interstate Traveler Rail Plane will have the ability to take off and land on any segment of Interstate Traveler Rail anywhere in the world and travel along the rail to any location on the rail network as would typically be desired when using typical Interstate Traveler passenger or freight vehicle.  

The clam-shell design of the Interstate Traveler Linear Motors for the Interstate Traveler Rail Plane allow for the most reliable and comfortable landings of any fixed wing flight system.  The Linear motors use the same electromagnetic coils to magnetically attract to the rail providing a perfect landing every time.

ITC Rail Plane Version 1

This illustrates the integration of folding wing aircraft with ITC Rail Propulsion Systems

ITC Rail Plane Version 2

This illustrates the integration of Vertical Take Off and Landing technology for take off and landing from virtualy any section of ITC Rail

For an interesting explanation on Thrust to Weight Ratio, please visit the following NASA Website: