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Total Land Area: 2,505,810 sq km  ( 619,185,651 acres )
arable land: 6.78%  (169,893.918 sq km)
permanent crops: 0.17%
other land: 93.05% (2005) Unused?

1 sq kilometer = 247.105381 acres

Irrigated land:  18,630 sq km (2003)

Total renewable water resources:  154 cu km (1997)

Freshwater withdrawal (domestic/industrial/agricultural):
total: 37.32 cu km/yr (3%/1%/97%)
per capita: 1,030 cu m/yr (2000)

Natural hazards: dust storms and periodic persistent droughts

Environment - current issues:  inadequate supplies of potable water; wildlife populations threatened by excessive hunting; soil erosion; desertification; periodic drought

Grand Arbor Integration

Propose 30,000 sq km  Grand Arbor System integration.

Total Land Area 2,505,810 sq km
Proposed Land Area 30,000 sq km
Percent of Land 1.2 %

Total Land Area:  2,505,810 sq km
Proposed Arbor:        30,000
Percent of Land:                1.2%



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